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<p>Over Christmas, Telltale Games and Walking Dead fans were given quite the treat when not one but two episodes of the latest season, The New Frontier, dropped across mobile, console, and PC. Now you can play the first episode for free, in-keeping with Telltale's other mobile games.</p><p>The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is the third installment of the popular franchise. Setting off a few years after season two, and several years after the outbreak, we're walking in a new protagonist's shoes - Javier. Don't worry Clementine fans, she's there and boy has she grown a bunch since that scared little girl in season one.</p><p>Full of twists, shocks, and a big dose of that traditional Walking Dead charm, The New Frontier has certainly started with a bang. The question is: why haven't you downloaded it yet?</p><p>Grab episode one totally free on the App Store, or on Google Play for £4.69. The follow episodes can be bought as single IAPs or you can save 20% by purchasing the Multi-Pack for £10.99/$14.99.</p>.

GAME NAME Wordle 2

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com.sigmateam.Wordle 2.free

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